# Basic Config

Take the following code as an example:

<script src="https://res.adx.opera.com/adx/adsbyopera.js" async></script>
<ins class="adsbyopera"
  style="display: inline-block;width: 300px;"
<script>(adsbyopera = window.adsbyopera || []).push({});</script>

# Size of the ads

For the <ins> tag, you need to set CSS style to it, which is usually display: inline-block.

It is recommended to set the width and height of the <ins> tag, such as width: 500px; height: 300px; to determine the width and height of the ad.


Please always set the width for the <ins> tag. If the width is empty, the rendered width of the tag is taken as the width of the ad. When the height is not set, the height of the <ins> tag will be set automatically based on the height of the ad.

# Ad Rendering

The rendering of the ad uses the following code:

(adsbyopera = window.adsbyopera || []).push({});

adsbyopera is an object exported by default in the JS SDK. Use the object's push method to render ads.

The parameter can be the id of the <ins> tag, a specific DOM object (for example: document.getElementById("ad_1")), a configuration object.

The definition of the configuration object is as follows:

interface AdxOptions {
  adxSlot?: string; // slot id
  adxWidth?: number; // ad width
  adxHeight?: number; // ad height
  adxTarget: string | Element; // render target
  adxTypes?: string[]; // supported creative types


When a empty object is passed, it means render all tag with class name adsbyopera.

# Configure ads with HTML attributes

You can also use HTML attributes to configure ad slots.

Available attributes are:

# data-adx-slot

  • Type: string

  • Desc: The Slot ID of ad

# data-adx-width

  • Type: number

  • Desc: Width of ad

# data-adx-height

  • Type: number

  • Desc: Height of ad


When a configuration item is specified through both the configuration object and the HTML attribute, the content in the configuration object is used.

# data-adx-fit-width

  • Type: boolean

  • Desc: Whether to fill the width of parent element


This attribute only available when data-adx-width is not specified.

# data-adx-types

  • Type: string

  • Desc: The supported creative types, separated by commas ,.

  • Example: DISPLAY_HTML_300x250,DISPLAY_HTML_300x250

# Pause Ad Requst

The ad requests can be paused as you like:

adsbyopera.pauseAdRequests = true;

Then set pauseAdRequests to false to resume the ad requests.

# Show Debug Info

Set the debug to true to show the debug log:

adsbyopera.debug = true;